About Us

About Us

In order to create China's own skateboard brand, FDSK8 was established with a great passion for skateboarding as a subsidiary of CHALLEGE SKATEBOARD CORP., LTD,  In the past 25 years, this company created Boiling, Justice, Black KnightSymbolicPsychosDonnut Wheels and Peer such well-known brands, not only provides high-quality skateboard products, but also fills the gap in the domestic professional skateboard market and integrates Chinese cultural characteristics while spreading skateboard culture in China.


To more widely spread and promote skateboarding sport, FDSK8 founded two communication platforms in 2003,  skateboard network WHATSUPMAG.CN and WHATSUP, the first professional Skateboard Magazine in China. In recent years, the company has expanded its business to extreme sports event operation and extreme site design, as well as skateboarding teaching and training to provide better services for domestic extreme enthusiasts.

Participate in skateboard standard setting

 Challenge skateboard corp. ltd has its own skateboard factory.

And this factory has more than 20 years' professional skateboard production experience, It provides product quality assurance for FDSK8. In 2018, FDSK8 participated in the drafting of the first skateboard group standard in China.



Founded in 2000, Justice Skateboard is one of the earliest skateboard brands in China. Justice skateboard is made of Canadian maple with fast rebound and stable quality, which is very suitable for skateboarding practice. In terms of graphic design, Justice pays great attention to the use of originality, diversity and local artistic styles, and has conducted many in-depth cooperation with well-known designers and design studios at home and abroad. JUSTICE has always maintained a leading market share and has a high brand recognition in the skateboard industry. It is a pioneer of domestic professional skateboards and a powerful faction among Chinese board brands.

Black Knight

Black Knight is a high-end board brand based on high-tech. The deck surface is made of hard rock Canadian sugar maple, and strives for the ultimate light, thin, elastic and tough such board characteristics.

Skaters can feel the quality and performance of Black Knight board from every detail.

Like the armor of the black knight, it is light but plays a very important protective and auxiliary role, allowing the knight to charge boldly on the battlefield without any worries.



Symbolic is a high-end board brand with avant-garde art style under Challenge Skateboard corp., Ltd. Its quality is keeping pace with Black Knight, and boards are provides with the best material and technical support. Besides, imported Canadian maple and iconic fiber layer ensures the best elasticity and durability.

The early Symbolic deck design is full of rock spirit, and has launched cooperation models with many bands, integrating the characteristics of music into it. At this stage, Symbolic boards are more focused on artistic design, with bold and avant-garde styles. The latest series is the first to explore the theme of "Olympics", and has always been at the forefront of both theme selection and design.



Before skateboarding was popularized in China, Zhang Yuanling (Emi) took the lead in creating the first all-women-operated skateboard brand in China in 2012 - Psychos.

Psychos not only cultivated the first batch of female skateboarders for Chinese skateboarding, but also because the brand, from the owner to the designer to the sponsors, are all girls, and are deeply loved by domestic female skaters, which has also led to more domestic girl skaters joins the skateboarding sport. Psychos means a group of "hot-blooded and restless skateboard girls". They are determined and their efforts are not inferior to male skaters. In order to realize their skateboarding dreams, they will stick to skateboarding!